Marc Quaranta – Husband. Father. Author. Teacher. Coach.

Marc Quaranta was born in Illinois on June 21st, 1988 and has spent most of his life just north of Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 2011, Marc graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications and Video Production. His dream was to move to Hollywood, and write, direct, and star in his own movies. However, with many personal life changes shortly after graduation, Marc worked at Fox 59 for a year.

It was at Ball State where Marc developed a love for scriptwriting. After completing a screenplay titled “The Bartender” and “Abilities,” he got some advice from a family friend to try and write a book. So, he did. He took Abilities and turned it into a 4-part novel series.

“Abilities” was published in 2012 by a small publishing company in Seattle, WA. Due to the success of the first “Abilities,” Marc was able to publish a second series titled “Dead Last.” The first Volume of DL earned Marc an Author of the Year Award with Twisted Core Press, Inc. out of North Carolina.

In 2013, Marc switched careers and became a full-time teacher and basketball coach while also becoming a husband and a father. His passion for writing continued on and he wanted to recreate his first stories. He regained the writes to Dead Last and Abilities to make bigger and better stories.

In 2020, Marc began writing a new novel while also writing screenplays to hopefully one day see on the small and big screen.

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