My Screenwriting Journey

I will start this by letting you know I am 32-years-old living in Central Indiana. When I was 23, I published my first book through Ring of Fire Publishing out of Washington. It was my first attempt at writing anything and I was so lucky to find a publisher that wanted to publish the book. I will say that I don’t think it was a great book. (3 books actually). It was a great STORY, but it wasn’t well written. I know that now after having several other books published. But I was 23 and it was my first attempt at writing.

I’ve since pulled all of my books from my publishers and am focusing on rewriting them and self publishing. I love writing and I learned quickly how much goes into it and the process can be daunting at times if you really want 100% creative control over something. I know that if I do ever deal with another publisher, I’ll have to bend on some things, but these first two stories for me, Abilities and Dead Last, were my first two “babies” and I wanted them to be 100% the way I saw it.

So, what have I been doing since then? Well, coaching basketball and teaching. Those are my day jobs, but writing is still something I am so passionate about and I’ve decided I want to take things back to my roots. What roots?

I attended/graduated from Ball State University with a passion for filmmaking, directing, acting, and…WAIT FOR IT…writing. But screenwriting. I wanted to write movies.

So, I am back at it trying to accomplish that dream. I started writing Spec Scripts – a spec script is taking a current (real) show (or former show) and writing a “fake episode.” This way, if produces or agents or managers come across it, they can see that the writer can take created characters that people already know and love (or hate) and craft a good story out of it.

So, I’ve written several spec scripts and put them on my website (plug – in hopes that one day I’ll be called and offered a job as showrunner or a writer haha.

The Office, What We Do In The Shadows, Single Parents, A Million Little Things, and Kingdom are the ones I’ve worked on now and have published and I’m also writing some original scripts.

Ron Howard’s Imagine Studios partnered with Netflix and is having a year long competition for aspiring writers to be able to submit original scripts for production. I’ve submitted/submitting two of them – the first didn’t really fit the genre (I didn’t read all the directions haha) but the second one I am working on right now that I think could be really good.

The first competition was for an action adventure for the entire family – this was the contest in which I forgot to read the instructions carefully. I did not write an action adventure film but instead submitted my TV show that I’ve been planning for such a long time. But this second round of submissions is about a lifestyle show with a competition element so of course I went with a small town baseball movie.

If you have a passion for writing I highly recommend checking out this Netflix/Imagine-Impact contest. It really does seem like a great way to get involved as a screenwriter.

So, that’s my journey to being a screenwriter right now. For anybody thinking about becoming a writer, I hope you are okay with the word No…well, don’t be okay with it – but make sure you are able to use rejection as motivation to constantly get better. Don’t take it personally, there are a million producers/agents/companies out there and they all have individual likes and dislikes and most of the time it is all about timing and fit.

So, if you are looking to become an author – I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments and let’s network and try and help each other out!

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