Fighting Water Weight

Let me start first with plugging a show that I think is so good that everyone should watch it – Kingdom. Frank Grillo, Jonathon Tucker, and YES Nick Jonas. It began several years ago on Direct TV, but nobody had ever watched it. Well, it came to Netflix on July 1st and my wife and I watched all three seasons (4o episodes) in three weeks. It was great.

It is a dark, gritty show about MMA fighters and one thing that really stuck with me was the training and nutrition programs they followed the week leading up to a fight. The episodes were so real and interesting that I had to research more about it.

For a fighter, they have to be under a certain weight. If you fight at 175 pounts, it means you have to be less than 175 pounds on the weigh in. The weigh in happens the night before the fight. So, fighters have “Cut Day.”

These guys that weight 190, 195, even 200 pounds will spend ALL DAY cutting weight – water weight. They will wear sauna suits, exercise in them, drink no water and eat no food all day – and train, train, train.

These episodes had the guys dropping 20-25 pounds in 24 hours, weigh in, make weight, and then they would eat nonstop for the next 24 hours leading up to the fight.

A fighter that had to weigh less than 175 pounds in the show, started the morning at 195. He made weight at 174.8, and then the next night for the fight was 200. All in a day. That’s insane.

So, I’m that insane. I love experimenting with new diets, exercise routines, etc.

On Monday, I bought a few gallons of water. I drank a gallon the first day. Tuesday, another gallon. On Wednesday, I drank half a gallon, and then on Thursday, I finished that Gallon.

Now, I’m not training for a fight, so I wasn’t going to go all out, because let’s be honest, this is so not safe without a nutritionist or a physician. I just wanted to test it out. I didn’t go all day and I didn’t train in the suit.

But, I did buy the suit. I put it on for three increments of time in the morning.

I wore it for 20 minutes to get used to it, then a little while later, I put it on for an hour and then the third time I put it on for another 45 minutes. I didn’t drink anything and I didn’t eat anything.

When I woke up that morning, I weighed myself at 197.4 pounds. After the first 20 minutes, I was already down to 195.4. I lowered to 194.6 and then finally at 192.6 pounds.

I love almost five pounds in roughly three hours. From about nine in the morning and then stopping at noon – FIVE POUNDS!!

That wasn’t the insane part. I drank some water when it was all over, and had some lunch with my daughter. I went upstairs and weighed myself and I was 198 pounds. I gained a pound back of my original starting weight.

Fighters will do some crazy things, but I guess for men and women that voluntarily choose a profession where they get punched in the face – cutting weight isn’t that crazy.

Don’t do this. Don’t do this for permanent weight loss because you’ll just simply get it back. But, hey, if you have a hot date Friday night or a photoshoot or a day at the beach planned – do this and look awesome for the day haha – but seriously, don’t do this!

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